Enjoy our spaces for your best soirees. Whether you want to be in the exotic surroundings of our Lounge Area’s halls or prefer to sip a cocktail gazing at the sea from our hammocks and beds at the Beach Club.

Beach Club

One of the most stunning features of Trocadero Sand is its Beach Club area, where you can enjoy a relaxing day under the shade of a beach umbrella surrounded by palm trees or relax on a Balinese bed.

Take advantage of the day to taste one of our succulent dishes on a hammock and savour a snack accompanied by one of our cocktails. Don’t forget to let yourself be surprised by Trocadero Sand’s staff and try the cocktail of the day.


The end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century saw the British Empire's expansion into the African continent. British colonies extended from north to south, from Egypt to South Africa, covering extensive regions of central Africa and gave rise to a peculiar architectural and decorative style.

The colonial style fuses the English style with the inspiration provided by the areas where these colonies were located, using local builders and materials.

Trocadero Arena transports us back to that era, recreating the ambience of a typical English home in colonial Africa with Victorian-style furniture, puffs, fans hanging from crafted wooden ceilings, imitation animal furs on Kilim and natural fibre rugs and rustic wooden items, all of which are accompanied by tribal motifs.